By the end of this unit students will know and understand that:


Unit Storyline and Assessments

Unit Storyline and Lessons

'23-'24 - APS - Toys Storyline

Unit Power Point

Copy of 3.Forces & Motion: Slide Deck- Sep 22

Unit CFA 

Copy of Copy of Toys Unit Task - U3.2 v.1-16-20 as printed

Answer Key

Copy of Toys Scoring Guidance for L4.1/4.2 Final Artifact (no example)

Science Discussion Cards for Science and Enginering Practices and Cross Cutting Concepts - Bozeman Science

Cross Cutting Concepts.pdf


Teacher Background Information

Materials Lists and Information

Unit Materials List

Toys Material List

Family Letter for Recycled Items

Family Materials Letter

Visuals for Collection Boxes

Recycle Items Signs